And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

January 16, 2013


From this view, you can just see the tops of the sand dune fencing peeking up above what are now snow dunes, and a nearly slate gray and frosty Lake Superior in the distance.


Which would be SNOW.

After weeks (maybe months … I lose track, it all starts running together) of slush, temperatures in the 40s, and grass poking through, snow has returned to the Keweenaw Peninsula. And it arrived out of nowhere. Yesterday, at least 6 hours into it, while plowing my road for the third time, the weather site was still saying “30% chance of snow, occasional snow showers.” Seriously? Where did these meteorologists go to school?

And these “occasional snow showers” were discrete, landing primarily on the Keweenaw Peninsula. To the southeast of us, Marquette still has grass showing. To the west of us, again not much snow.

It goes to show just how unpredictable this lake is, because this was lake effect snow – it wasn’t some Canadian storm that decided to say hi. It was the lake just doing its thing. Around here, Lake Superior is the maypole everyone dances around. You at least pay attention to it, paying homage is even better, and you ignore it at your own peril.

It also goes to show just how much Yoopers love their snow. Other people might grumble and look aghast at the amount of white stuff dumping from the sky, but around here everyone has perked up. Yay! We’ve got snow!!

And today it’s gorgeous, a “living inside a snow globe” kind of day. It’s still snowing but the sun is also mostly shining. Sunlight, sparkling snow, a big blue lake, and snowflakes just sifting down from the sky.

Mudminnow is also back to its regularly scheduled programming. After choosing to legitimize sloth “because it’s the holidays” we are scrambling to make the advertising deadline for our distributor’s upcoming catalog, finishing up the cover for our newest book, One Starry Night, a Christmas book due out in April (actually, that would be our illustrator who’s scurrying on that one), and just being busy in general again.

So, Happy January … and YAY!!! it’s snowing!!!

                                                                                                          — Lesley


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