Winter Crafts

February 5, 2013


We might be experiencing single digit temps but that hasn’t stopped me from engaging in winter craft projects. And not just any old craft project, but one involving buckets of water.

I’ve been making ice candles and there are currently 24 of them sitting on my porch. Half of them look a little ragged because in the middle of this project we hit 3 days of +32F temperatures. But the rest are good.

I’m making them for CopperDog. Hopefully, they will line the CopperDog 40 finish line in Eagle River. I say hopefully because I’ve already learned I can’t count on the temperatures. You would think that in February this would not be an issue, but no. These babies could melt overnight.

So there you have it — this week’s fun and games in the snowy North. Possibly an exercise in futility, but I’ve got the buckets and the water, so what the heck.

                                 — Lesley 


4 Responses to “Winter Crafts”

  1. Becky Darling said

    I have had a lot of fun with ice candles this winter, too, Lesley. Even made some with left over pickled beet juice…smelled like a salad when I lit them and they glowed pink!

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