Of bugs and books

June 25, 2013

no mosquito sign

I’m a glass-in-half-full kind of person. I acknowledge that and I also realize it can be annoying to other people. A silver lining outlook drives a lot of people nuts. But this past week has driven me dangerously close to becoming a glass-is-half-empty kind of gal.

And the reason can be summed up in one word: Bugs.

We are currently overrun with bugs, namely mosquitos. We had a wet spring (really more like an extended winter) and there’s still a lot of standing water around. Ideal mosquito conditions. If we had wind this wouldn’t be a problem, since mosquitos have no ballast in wind, they’re just swept away. But we don’t have wind. This past week has been overcast, foggy, drizzly … and NO wind. And those mosquitos are lovin’ it. Normally this wouldn’t be that big a problem. I live in the north woods, it’s not like I don’t know (and accept) bugs.

But here’s the other thing that’s threatened my half-full outlook: Books.

I have spent the better part of a week inside a large gym helping to promote and sell books, and sign my own. And I use the term “gym” loosely – this was the Student Development Complex at Michigan Tech and the “gym” was actually four regulation size basketball courts, with extra space on the periphery to accommodate food vendors and ticket takers.  It was noisy and full of artificial light. Great event – Finn Fest – wonderful people, a good time. But still inside – under artificial light, with no exterior windows – for the better part of a week.

To be blunt, I want to go outside and those friggin’ bugs are making it impossible. I don’t care about the fog or the drizzle – that’s gorgeous and enjoyable in its own right. But there isn’t enough Off in the world to stave off those mosquito attacks. And since they’re the size of flying beer bottles they can bite through anything. This week it’s “Bugs – 10 …. Humans – 0.” They’ve won, no doubt about it.

So for all you people missing the great north woods, wishing you were here walking the beach or picking berries … this week you can count your own blessings. May your glass be half full.

                                                                                                          — Lesley

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